organic pistachio supplier

organic pistachio supplier

The most important organic pistachio supplier in the world is Iran. Yearly, organic pistachio types include garden and wild pistachios are produced and exported to markets of different countries, such as Europe.

Organically produced agricultural products have a very high nutritional value. They also environmentally a good position. Because their production not only does not harm the environment, it also helps to maintain a healthy balance.

Organic pistachios are part of the organic farming products that are produced in the world. These products have many customers. We can introduce Iran as the main organic pistachio supplier.

Organic pistachio supplier in Iran puts this product in two groups. In fact organic pistachios have two models and two groups.


Garden organic pistachio supplier

The first type of organic pistachio is organic garden pistachio. These pistachios are exactly the same as ordinary pistachios. With the difference that they do not use any kind of toxins or chemical fertilizers in their production.
Organic garden pistachios include Fandogi, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Kalleh Quchi. Each of the varieties has a few sizes.


Wild organic pistachio supplier

The other organic pistachio is the wild pistachio. Few people are familiar with this pistachio model. The location of these pistachios is pristine forests. Forests that humans do not interfere with their plants. And the wild pistachio also goes completely without human intervention. So it’s quite organic.

Organic pistachio supplier exports most organic pistachios to EU countries. In other words, organic pistachio is popular in these countries.

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