organic pistachio kernels buy

organic pistachio kernels buy

Do you intend to buy organic pistachio kernels? So you need to get acquainted with this product. The most important issue in categories organic pistachio kernels, is type of the pistachio. In the following text, we will talk more about this topic.

Organic pistachio kernels are generally divided into two main groups. These two groups have a very important difference. The type of pistachio that we use to make them is very different.

We introduce these pistachios in the following two groups.

  • Garden pistachios
  • Wild pistachios

Garden pistachios are common pistachios that we plant in the garden. And grow up. But they have a major difference with ordinary garden pistachios. And that is organic. Farmers do not use any pesticides or fertilizers in the production of these pistachios. They try to fight natural pests with natural methods. They also use natural fertilizers to enhance soil.

But wild pistachios, what models are pistachios?


Wild organic pistachio kernels buy

As we can understand the name of this pistachio, wild pistachios are pistachios that climb in the woods. These pistachios have different characteristics than garden pistachios. They are often thinner. Much smaller. But in terms of appearance and taste, they are very similar to ordinary garden pistachios.

One of the most important characteristics of these pistachios is their organicity. The reason for their organicity is the lack of human intervention and therefore the lack of chemical addition in their growth and evolution.

Both pistachio models are used to process organic pistachio kernels. But because they have different characteristics, their client group is also different. Of course, if the buyer buys only organic pistachio kernels, he can be a customer of both groups of pistachios.

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