bulk pistachio nuts 20 lbs

bulk pistachio nuts 20 lbs

bulk pistachio nuts 20 lbs and also 22 lbs, equivalent to 9 and 10 kilograms, are prepared by the exporters and sold in target markets.

The common packaging used for bulk pistachio nuts is often 22 lbs, equivalent to 10 kilograms. Of course, bulk pistachio nuts 20 lbs are also other bulk packs used.

Different packages are used to sell bulk pistachios. For example, for pistachios in shell, in addition to 10 kg packages, there are also 50 kg and 70 kg packs. That is equivalent to 120 lbs and 154.3 lbs, respectivly. 50 kg packs are used for pistachios in shell. And 70kg bags are also used for pistachio kernels.

The type of packaging, in addition to the type of pistachio, can be an agreed parameter between the buyer and the seller. Bulk pistachio nuts 20 lbs and 22 ibs are the types of packaging that vendors use commonly. And buyers also know this package as one of the preferred parameters. Bulk pistachio nuts 20 lbs and 22 ibs contains both pistachio in shell and also pistachio kernels.


Export of pistachios packed

Of course, pistachio exports are also available in small packages that are suitable for stores. The small packages of 45 gr, also 80 gr, 0.5 kg or 1 kg are available in all types of metal cans, vacuum, nylon and so on by manufacturers and exporters.

If the buyer is buy pistachios and distributing it in stores, small packages of pistachios are more suitable for sale.

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