Fandoghi pistachio 30.32 - MO48gr100gr - Organic

Fandoghi pistachio 30.32 – MO 48gr/100gr – Organic

Fandoghi pistachio 30.32 – 48gr/100gr – This product is also Organic.

Fandoghi pistachio for sale this week – The second week of March 2018

Due to high production in Iran, pistachio hazelnut has the highest amount of pistachio exports among other cultivars. The export destination of this pistachio variety is Asian, Eurasian as well as European. Hazelnut pistachios, like all other pistachio varieties, have a variety of natural and smelly smiley mechanics. Both types of hazelnut pistachios have different qualities. Each merchant, according to the taste of the buyer’s country, chooses the appropriate quality of the existing qualities.

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