organic pistachio suppliers

organic pistachio suppliers in iran

A percentage of pistachios in Iran are produced organically. Organic pistachio suppliers in Iran export this product to the European Union, Japan and … . In organic pistachio production is not used for agricultural pesticides. Also, organic pistachio has a higher nutritional value than ordinary pistachios. For these reasons, it has its own customers. We can put organic pistachios in two categories:

  • Types of tree pistachios
  • And wild pistachio

All four commercial tree pistachio cultivars of Iran are also produced in organic form.

  • Fandoghi pistachio
  • Ahmad Aghaei pistachio
  • Akbari pistachio
  • and also Kalleh Ghuchi cultivar

The European Union is the main buyer of organic pistachios in Iran. Japan is also one of the iran’s organic pistachio buyers.Of course, organic pistachio production in Iran is limited. In the whole world, Iran is the most important organic pistachios supplier and producer. Of course, the number of organic pistachio clients in the world is lower than regular pistachio customers. Nevertheless, organic pistachio has its own customers.

wild organic pistachio suppliers

Wild pistachio is a kind of pistachio. These pistachios grows in natural forests without human intervention. So it’s quite organic. The wild pistachio kernels have dark green color. Its fat percentage is high. And also has a very tasty taste. The European Union and Turkey are the main advocates of Iran’s wild pistachios. Wild pistachio because it is organic, its exports to Europe Union can increase.

By increasing the production of organic pistachio, traders can also expand their consumption market.

Tabriz Green Diamond pistachio (ANATA Nuts) Company is one of the Organic Pistachio suppliers in Iran. The company has a large amount of wild pistachio kernels ready for export to the European Union and also Turkey. Organic pistachios tree are also available in Akbari cultivars, Ahmad Aghaei and also Fandoghi for export to Germany.

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