Packing type in buy pistachio nuts in bulk

Packing type in buy pistachio nuts in bulk

What kind of packaging is often used to buy pistachio nuts in bulk? Packing has a great impact on the quality of pistachios, so you need to choose the appropriate packaging for pistachios.

Pistachio packaging is a very important parameter, given that it is the most important factor in maintaining the quality of the product and preventing damage to the cargo during transport. Would you be familiar with the different types of packaging used for pistachios? In this article, we would like to give a brief overview of the types of pistachios packaging.


Choose the best packaging in buy pistachio nuts in bulk

Packages we use for pistachios are in a variety of bags and cartons. (In this section, we only introduce the big packages we use for buy pistachio nuts in bulk.)

Pistachio bags are several kilograms? Do bags have pistachio protection to the destination?

The bags used for packaging pistachios in shell are often 50kg. This type of packaging is used in bulk buy pistachio nuts. Although it can not be a good protector for pistachios in the face of heat and humidity, it is the best option for packaging if the destination is near and the maintenance time is not long after purchase. But if pistachios are shipped for distant purposes and shipped sea, then it’s better to use better packing like vacuum bags. Of course, in choosing the type of packaging, we must also consider the standard of destination country as well as type of pistachio.

Also, the bags we use for packaging pistachio kernels in bulk are 70 kilograms. In pistachio kernels, we often try to use vacuum packaging. Because the bag for pistachio kernels is not very suitable. The reason for this is the greater sensitivity of the pistachio kernels to the fracture. Of course, if the pistachio is of the quality of the meat kernels or crushed kernels, the bag packing can be a good option. Cartons are often weights of 10 and 12.5 kg.

As the pistachio seller, we need to consider the different types of items mentioned above in choosing the packaging type. We choose the best packaging and we offer the buyer.

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