buy pistachio in bulk

buy pistachio in bulk

To buy pistachio in bulk In addition to being familiar with different pistachios and pistachio kernels, we also need to have enough information about packing and shipping pistachios to get the best product in accordance with our conditions.

One of the pillars of success in trade and buy pistachio in bulk is the need to recognize different pistachio models. Along with this, we must be familiar with the laws, standards and tastes of our country regarding the pistachios trade. If we pay import and buy pistachio in bulk regardless of these issues, we may have an unfriendly business. In various articles on the types of pistachios, their products and …, we have explained in detail. “For complete information, you can refer to previous articles or study products from the product sector.”

In this article, we would like to talk about packing conditions for pistachios.


Pistachio packaging in buy pistachio in bulk

To select the best bulk packaging for pistachios, we need to consider the following:

  • Standard country of destination for the purchase and import of pistachios
  • Geographical location of the importing country
  • Selected product type
  • Pistachio transport mode

For example, for countries that are long distances and far apart, and in addition to strict import standards for the pistachios, we need to use a good package that will prevent cargo quality loss during transport. The best option for this packaging is vacuumed packaging and carton. You can see an example below.

Of course it depends on the type of the pistachio. It is important that the purchaser chooses pistachios in buy pistachio in bulk. For example, for the green peeled pistachio kernels, due to the sensitivity of the load to impact or its quality loss, we need to use vacuum and carton packaging.

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