Bulk pistachio rate in iran

Bulk pistachio rate in iran

Bulk pistachio rate in iran market fluctuate. Changing market conditions affects pistachio prices. We have seen a rise in pistachio prices in the market recently.

Bulk pistachio prices in Iran are fluctuating due to both supply and demand and the dollar rate. Lack of supply can lead to a reduction in the abundance of pistachios, which will increase pistachio prices if demand for pistachios continues to be high.


Increased bulk pistachio rate in Iran

The dollar rate in Iran also has an impact on the price of pistachios to the rial. Given that a high percentage of pistachios are sold in the export sector, Iran’s pistachio price is based on the dollar. Therefore, if the dollar exchange rate fluctuates in the Iranian market, the pistachio price will also change based on the rial.
Recently (in the second half of April 2018) we have seen rising pistachios price in the Iranian market. This was due to the drop in supply, coupled with rising dollar rates.


Difference in the price of pistachios

Some customers have questions. And that is, there’s a price difference between two different suppliers in the same timeframe. What is the reason
There are two reasons why bulk pistachio prices can vary between exporters.
1) Differences in pistachio quality
2) Differences in lateral services
As you know, pistachios have different qualities. The same variety of pistachio quality has caused the price difference between them. Of course, there is another side service. lateral services are generating additional costs. So, in order to find out and get the price, be sure to check what the seller has to offer in order to deliver the product.

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