pistachio bulk barn

pistachio bulk barn

Do you plan to buy pistachios from the Pistachio bulk barn door? Or do you want to deliver pistachios in your country?

What is the difference between buying a pistachio bulk barn door and delivering it to your destination country? Does this affect the final price of pistachios?

If you have an agent in Iran, you can buy pistachio from the pistachio bulk storage door. In this case, the price that we, the vendor declares, is the value of pistachio itself without side fees.

In the case of pistachio delivery, the door of the pistachio bulk storage, all related work such as the following items, will be with the buyer.

  • Transportation
  • Customs clearance
  • Download
  • Insurance contract
  • As well as international transportation


Buy pistachio with CIF delivery terms

Perhaps you do not have a representative in Iran to do these things for you, so you would like to take delivery pistachios in your country. In this case, you want the delivery term as one of the CIF, CFR, or CPT items.

In this case, according to this agreement, we, the seller, are required to do business with customs, contract with the international shipping company, insurance contract and …. Of course, depending on the Incoterm term, the responsibility for these matters is divided between the buyer and the seller.

If, for example, the term Incoterms CIF is selected, we will announce the price for this semester. In this case, the additional costs will be considered in the price announcement of pistachios.

You can negotiate with us on an Incoterms Terms when submitting your purchase request. Once we have agreed, the tasks will be specified. And according to the pre-invoice issued, we will prepare and send the pistachio cargo.

Our catalog of products is accessible through this link. If you are not interested in this catalog, please let us know. Please contact us to submit your request.

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