pistachio nuts for sale in bulk

pistachio nuts for sale in bulk

Pistachio nuts for sale in bulk are categorized as bulk in different types and categories. In this article we want to introduce wild pistachio kernels.

Of all types of pistachios in Iran, wild pistachio is one of the special products. This product is quite natural in the pristine forests of Iran. Human beings have no role in producing it. This product is completely normal and without any activity from the human side develops. So it’s quite organic.


wild pistachio nuts for sale

The wild pistachio kernels has special characteristics that make it very suitable for use in confectionery. The wild pistachio brain is quite similar to the garden pistachio kernels . But it is much smaller. The color is very green. Has high fat content. It has a great taste. For this reason, it is very suitable for use in confectionery.

In the domestic market of Iran, the cities of Tabriz and Qom, which are the hubs of producing various types of sweets, are the most important consumers of this product. In the international market, the most important customer of this product is Turkey. It is worth mentioning that Turkey also has a great deal of confectionery. And uses the most amount of wild pistachio kernels in confectionery.


Buy ground pistachio nuts

Wild pistachio kernels are also suitable for ground pistachios and pistachio butter. Because it has a green color and high fat percentage.
These pistachios can be suitable for supply in countries that care about the organic nature of the product. EU countries are consumers of organic products.

Therefore, the amount of this product can be expanded to the European Union. Some EU countries still do not recognize this product. Iran is one of the most important areas of wild pistachio production in the world.

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