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pistachio in shell price in india

The pistachio in shell price in India for Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, as well as the first and second grade pistachio kernels is often questioned by Indian pistachio merchants.

India with annual purchase of more than 7,000 tons of pistachios from Iran, is the most important clients and buyers of the Iranian pistachio. Significant growth in pistachios exports from Iran to India was due to the introduction of this product to Indian consumers with the efforts of exporters.


Ahmad Aghaei pistachio in shell price in india

Among the different varieties of pistachio introduced by the exporters to the people of India, the pistachio cultivar Ahmad Aghaei was more welcomed. And now the highest percentage of pistachios we export to India is Ahmad Aghaei pistachio. Of course, in addition to Pistachio Ahmad Ahaghi, Pistachio Akbari is also popular among the Indian. But Pistachio Akbari is not as popular as Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei among Indian people.

Of course, pistachio kernels are also pistachio-based products that have a high sales in the Indian market. Because the sweeteners in India use this product to process a variety of sweets.

According to the Indian people’s taste in buying pistachios, the first question most Hindi businessmen are asking is:

What is the ahmad aghaei pistachio in shell price in india?

They want to know how much would be the price of the product in their country.

The pistachio exporter pays to estimate pistachio in shell price in india based on:

  • The quality that it agrees with the buyer
  • As well as the type of packaging
  • Secondary processing
  • And delivery location.

Of course, another issue that is important in estimating the pistachios price in India is the purchase tonnage. Purchase tonnage during inventory inquiry and price must be specified by the buyer.

In order to inquire about the price and order the order of various types of pistachios and pistachio kernels for importing to India and other countries of the world, it is necessary to inform us the details contained in the price inquiry form – LOI.

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