iran pistachio price in uae

How many Iran pistachio price in UAE? In addition to the quality and type of packaging, what other parameters are effective on the price of pistachios?

One of the pistachio production centers in the world is Iran. It is a supplier of pistachios in many countries. Iran is also the main pistachio supplier for the UAE.

Statistics show that a significant volume of pistachios are transported from Iran to the UAE annually. A percentage of these pistachios exported to the UAE are sent by Iranian companies that are represented in the UAE, then they re-export pistachios from the UAE to the rest of the world. And of course, a few percent are also bought by UAE merchants who re-export pistachios. The UAE spends a very small percentage of pistachios shipped from Iran on domestic markets.

Considering that a significant amount of pistachios are being shipped from the UAE to other parts of the world, Iran pistachio price in UAE are important.

Some of the dear customers want to know Iran pistachio price in UAE.

How much is Iran pistachio price in UAE?

Certainly, in addition to its pistachio prices and packing and processing costs, additional costs are also due to the pistachio price announcement in the UAE. Side fees include:

  • Such as customs fees
  • Shipping Costs
  • And …

Sending pistachios from Iran to the UAE requires customs clearance. Export clearance in Iran as well as import clearance in UAE. Which is both a source of cost.

In addition to the issue of customs clearance, the following costs are added to the final price of pistachios.

  • Iran’s domestic shipping costs
  • International shipping costs of Iran to the UAE
  • As well as shipping costs in UAE
  • Also loading and unloading

If you intend to buy Iranian pistachio and you want to deliver it to the UAE, please fill in the price inquiry form to estimate the final price of pistachios in the UAE. Then send it to us through our contact ways.

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