iranian pistachio grades wholesale

iranian pistachio grades wholesale

We categorize Iranian pistachio grades based on items such as cultivar, type, size, percentage of closed pistachios, Aflatoxin amount on pistachio, and so on.

Iran’s pistachio has a wide variety. Each kind of pistachio is in several rows and categories in terms of quality. This diversity is an advantage that has led to the satisfaction of customers with a variety of tastes. In the following text, we summarize the classification of pistachios in Iran. For more detailed information, please see the catalog in more detail.


Iranian pistachio grades

In the first step, the issue is pistachio cultivars. Pistachios have several varieties. The most important varieties of Iranian pistachios are four types. In the previous article, we introduce them. In this section, we’ll briefly list below. (The commercial name of the pistachios is listed.)

  • Super long pistachio
  • Long pistachios
  • Round pistachio
  • Also Jumbo Pistachio

But the classification of Iranian pistachio grades does not end there. Each digit we introduce has its own three types. We mean pistachio type, naturally open, mechanically open and closed pistachios.

Each pistachio variety and type, again, must be classified in size. The size of pistachios is important for many consumers. Therefore, merchants consider this point because of the consumers’ sensitivity to this issue.

According to the above, pistachio traders who buy pistachios need to identify these three issues in the first step. Certainly, the supplier needs to know the details of the product he wants to answer the buyer’s inquiry.

In the next step, the quality of pistachio needs to be considered in terms of aflatoxin levels in pistachio, the percentage of packed seeds, the percentage of foreign matter in the product, and so on. So we re-grade a pistachio variety with a specific type and size. We have five levels of quality. Depending on the standards of the destination country, quality is selected.

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