pistachio price per ton

pistachio price per ton

The pistachio price per ton has increased in recent years. Even though the volume of production has increased. But at the same time, consumption has increased, and so demand has risen. Iran and America are the two poles of the original production. The following chart shows the trend of rising prices per ton of Iranian and American pistachios.

pistachio price per ton

Iran and the United States pistachio price per ton (From 1996 to 2016)

Pistachio is a popular crop in the world. Day after day, the volume of demand for the product is added. In this article we briefly discuss the trend of price changes per ton of Iranian pistachios.

Iran pistachio price per ton

In 2017 this year, the Iranian pistachio price has increased significantly compared with the previous year. Though production has been high. But for some reason in the below article we have discussed, pistachio prices have risen.

iran pistachio price in 2017-2018

In this article, we have announced three reasons for iran pistachio price increases.

  • Manage supply
  • Increased demand and exports
  • As well as increasing dollar rates

More than 90 countries buy Iranian pistachios. India country is one of the Iranian pistachio importers. Recently, the volume of demand for pistachios has increased. The countries of China, Hong Kong, UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, as well as Iraq and … are customers of Iranian pistachios.

These countries and several other countries, reaching over 90 countries, love Iranian pistachios. And despite the rising prices for pistachios in Iran, they are claiming it.

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