Packed and bulk buy pistachio nuts price

Packed and bulk buy pistachio nuts price

The bulk buy pistachio nuts price is lower compared to the purchase of packed pistachios nuts. This difference sometimes high and sometimes low. What is the difference between the price of bulk pistachio and packaging?

The price of pistachios packed is higher than the price of pistachio bulk. This is obvious. Because there is a need for more pistachios in preparation for packaging. In addition to the labor costs and effort of the packaging process, the cost of packaging materials is also added to the final price of pistachios.

But often the price we declare for the packaging product may vary. This change is due to a change in sales conditions.

Bulk buy pistachio nuts price compared with packing

As noted above, the cost of the packaging process is added to the final price of pistachios. But the amount of these costs depends on several factors:

  1. Packing type: Pistachio packaging includes various types. Large export packages that include bags, cartons, and more. And small packages we can name pliers, metal cans and so on.
  2. Purchase volume: With increasing purchase volume, most side fees are reduced per kilo.

These two items directly affect the packaging side costs. Based on these, we determine the final price of the product.

You can also buy pistachio nuts in bulk. And choose the type of packaging.
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