price of pistachio in iran

price of pistachio in iran

How many price of pistachio in Iran? This is a question of many pistachio merchants in the world, because they consider Iran as a main source of pistachios and need to know how much pistachio prices in Iran are needed to buy pistachios?

Pistachio prices in Iran may vary in different periods of time. Therefore, at any time when your loved ones are planning to buy Iranian pistachio, you need to inquire on the price of pistachio on an up-to-date basis. In order to inquire about the price of pistachio in iran, it is necessary to specify the following and agree with the seller:

  • Pistachio type
  • Your pistachio variety
  • Pistachio Size
  • The Secondary Processing Type of Pistachio
  • Pistachio quality with all the details, including the type of analysis and packaging
  • Also Pistachio Purchase Volume

By identifying these items, we can inform you about the delivery price of the warehouse floor (exw).

The price of pistachios in the destination country

Many buyers are asking us to get the price of pistachio deliver in one of the terms FOB, CIF, CIPand so on because of the fact that there is no representative in Iran for customs clearance and insurance contracts. In order to get the price of pistachio in these terms, we need to accurately specify the delivery term and destination. By identifying this, we can estimate the cost and agree with you.

International business deals are often closed with terms other than EXW. We accept this. This will eliminate many of our customers’ concerns about customs duties, loading and insurance, and shipping.

In order to find out the price of pistachios, as you read in the text above, we need to specify the details of your application. So we can respond to you as quickly as possible.

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