organic raw pistachios

organic raw pistachios

Iran’s organic raw pistachios are known in the consumer market of countries like the European Union, Japan and …. Iran is one of the most important pistachio producers in the world.

The nutritional value of organic pistachios is much higher than Normal pistachios. In addition to being high in nutritional value, the product is still highly safe in terms of its composition and the remaining chemical pesticides.
The most important producer of organic pistachio in the world is Iran. In some regions of Iran, such as Saveh, Kerman and Khorasan, some farmers have turned to organic production of pistachios.
Organic pistachio production is extremely difficult given that gardeners have to deal with many pests of pistachios naturally.

Organic pistachios in Iran are two types of gardens pistachios and wild (forest) pistachios.


Garden organic raw pistachios

Garden organic raw pistachios are quite similar to farmed pistachios. However, gardeners do not use any kind of poison or fertilizer in their production.

Organic pistachios are present in Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Kalho Ghucchi cultivars. As we have mentioned, the EU is one of the most important penguin buyers.


Wild organic raw pistachios

Wild organic pistachios known as baneh in Iran are quite similar to pistachios in small size. This product grows naturally in pristine woods. The taste of wild pistachio kernels is excellent. In addition, the color of the brain is very green. So it’s a great option for use in confectionery and so on.

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