buy raw pistachios online

buy raw pistachios online

Is it possible to buy raw pistachios online in large quantities? We intend to import several pistachio containers to our country, how can we get acquainted with the supplier of this product and buy it online?

How many years has b to b trade exchanges been online? Fortunately, with the development of this kind of transaction, the “wholesale pistachio online” standardized forms have been defined that facilitate these transactions have been. Of course, in addition to facilitating it, the forms also validate its.

These forms include forms that buyer and seller exchang between each other. It may be issued by the bank, transportation company, the exporter or buyer company, the inspection company and ….
The most important forms, we introduce below:

The most important forms during an agreement and negotiation are LOI, FCO, ICPO, PI. These are the forms that buyer and the seller exchange during a negotiation process to reach an agreement.

The forms that buyer and the seller exchange during the exchange of goods and money contains:

Certified Payment Card, Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Phytosanitary Certificate, BOL, etc. If the buyer request the cargo inspection by a company such as SGS or pistachio aflatoxin certificate, we also provid them.


Buy raw pistachios online in bulk

The B TO B online transaction is very easy to use with these forms, which businessmen know them. And now businessmen from different countries are simply trading and buying bulk raw pistachios.
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