wholesale organic raw pistachios in shell

The wholesale organic raw pistachios in shell have boomed due to the high quality and high health of these products in various countries, including the European Union, Japan and ….

In the production of any agricultural product, including pistachios, the use of pesticides to deal with pests, given the potential for pests to attack pests, takes place. Chemical pesticides may also be used to strengthen the land at different stages of planting and harvesting.
In organic pistachio production (organic plants), they do not use chemical pesticides to fight pests or strengthen the land, and so on. We use natural inputs, some of which we introduce below.

  • Bio-fertilizer
  • Compost
  • Beneficial insects
  • And …

With the development of organic agriculture, sustainability of soil health, ecosystems and humans increases.


Outreach of wholesale organic raw pistachios in shell

But why organic products have their own fans. In other words, what is the reason for welcoming these products to the global market?
Organic products often have a higher nutritional value than products produced in the common agricultural system. This is one of the most important reasons for some consumers to welcome these products.
Of course, other issues such as the environmental compatibility of organic products (organic pistachios) from production to consumption, as well as the nature of consumer friendliness aimed at protecting environmental health, are another reason for the prosperity of using organic crops, including organic pistachio.

Organic pistachio production is carried out in some regions of Iran. Its exports are flourishing in various countries such as the European Union, Japan and … The use of organic pistachios in Germany has flourished well. And this country is one of the major consumers of organic pistachios.

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