raw unshelled pistachios

raw unshelled pistachios

We put raw unshelled pistachios in terms of their use, in two groups. Used for use as nuts and used for processing pistachio kernels.

The raw unshelled pistachios that are suitable for nuts are pistachio open shell. And pistachios used to make pistachio kernels are often closed mouths. Pistachio semi-open type is also suitable for pistachio kernels processing. You can see a sample of it below.

semi open pistachios

semi open pistachios


Raw unshelled pistachios – open shell

The open shell pistachios have different types as well as different qualities. We discuss the issues that are important about open shell pistachios below:

  • Its kind: whether it is a naturally opened pistachios or a mechanically opened pistachios.
  • Also the pistachio cultivar: The cultivars are classified in five groups. In the previous article, we have fully introduced these figures. (For example:1 kg pistachio price )
  • Size of pistachios
  • As well as its quality
  • And …

The markets of some countries like a certain number of pistachios. Some prices are very important to them. Also some countries choose the highest quality pistachio in terms of their Aflatoxins.

Therefore, customers in the purchase of pistachio first will examine the above and then order the order. You can get a catalog of products and read the quality features in it.

List of products of the Anata Nuts company: Catalog


Raw unshelled pistachios – closed mouth

The closed mouths pistachios are the best option for pistachio kernels processing. The semi-open pistachios are also used to process pistachio kernels. Of course, in a few cases, the open shell pistachios are also used to produce pistachio kernels.

We categorize different kinds of pistachios according to their quality in the our catalog. You can check and then order. You can also contact us at any stage if you need to speak or ask questions.

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