raw pistachios for sale bulk

raw pistachios for sale bulk

The pistachios for sale bulk are very diverse for bulk sale. In this article, we describe several pistachio quality and, of course, how to determine the quality of pistachios.

Iran is the center and the main pillar of pistachio exports in the world. Therefore, it can be said that most pistachio merchants in the world know Iran’s pistachios. But due to the pistachio quality diversity of Iran, in this article we briefly study different qualities.


Iranian pistachio grades

Pistachios are considered for bulk sales based on the following parameters: In fact, in pistachio sales and exports, the following items and parameters regarding the quality and type of pistachios or pistachio kernels must be carefully and carefully examined.

Pistachios with different cultivars have different characteristics. This difference is in terms of physical characteristics, such as size and shape, and they often have different flavors. Therefore, one of the most important parameters in selling pistachio is its varieties.

Do you know the kind of open shell pistachios?

Open shell pistachios have two models. Naturally open pistachios and mechanically open pistachios that processed from the close mouth pistachios. The difference in the quality of these pistachios is often high, and therefore their price difference is high. So the second thing to consider is the type of pistachio.

Each particular type and variety have several different sizes. We announce the size of pistachios based on the number of pistachios in an ounce. So pistachio ounce is another quantity that you need know to buy in pistachios.

Another issue is about the percentage of pistachio seeds, such as closed mouths, croaking mouths, bad colors, and so on. We regard them as faulty grains. The less they are, the pistachio prices will be higher.


Levels of aflatoxins in pistachios for sale bulk

Another important issue is the level of pistachio aflatoxin. The permissible level defined for this poison varies from country to country. Therefore, in the sale of pistachio cargo, we must consider the destination and prepare and send a suitable cargo for that country.

The most important points in the pistachio trade, the buyer and the seller should carefully consider and agree on the above, we briefly announce.

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