raw pistachios in shell

raw pistachios in shell

Raw pistachios in shell can be used either raw to enter the market and can be placed under the flavor process before use. We propose to use the mechanically opened pistachios of raw pistachios in shell before using it.

Raw pistachios in shell can also be used in nuts. Although the type of pistachios has its own fans. Pistachio is a very tasty nuts. Some grains can not be used in raw form. Like hazelnut. Or people use some of them in raw form, such as walnuts. But pistachios are used either raw or roasted.

Whether it’s better to use raw or roasted and flavored pistachios, it depends on:

  1. Pistachio, what kind is it? Is naturally open pistachios or mechanically opened pistachios?
  2. And of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to the buyer’s taste. In fact, depending on the buyer’s taste, we need to specify this.


Roasted or raw pistachios in shell

Pistachio is a very tasty product. And very tasty. For this reason, many fans have no need to taste and have raw pistachios in shell. But the type of mechanically open pistachios, which we prepare its from closed pistachios, are slightly lower in taste. Of course, the level of health and quality of this kind of pistachios is high. Because closed skin protect the pistachio brain. But we recommend flavors to improve the taste. In fact, the use of mechanically opened pistachios is preferable to raw pistachios in shell.

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