lowest price pistachios

lowest price pistachios

Which pistachio model is the lowest price pistachios? We want to introduce in this article a model and a variety of pistachios that are ranked in cheap pistachios.

Iran’s pistachio has five main commercial cultivars. Among the commercial pistachio cultivars, the lowest economic value is due to Fandoghi  pistachios and the highest commercial value associated with Pistachio Akbari.

Each pistachio variety has different types, sizes and qualities. Open pistachios have two groups of naturally open pistachios and mechanically opened pistachios. Of these, the mechanically open pistachios are cheaper. Because the percentage of kernels in this type of pistachio is less than the kernel percentage of naturally open pistachios. From the taste point of view, naturally open pistachios because naturally smells have a better taste. Therefore, it will have a higher price than mechanically opened pistachios.


Artificially opened pistachios

The most important parameter in determining the quality of mechanically open pistachios is its brain percentage. The percentage of brain mechanically open pistachios is around 43% to 50%. And in very few cases it will be around 52%.

The pistachio price will be higher for an increase in the percentage. Therefore, the lowest price of pistachios is belonging to Fandoghi pistachio cultivar with the type of mechanically open pistachios with low brain percentage. However, if the applicant is the lowest price pistachios with acceptable quality, we suggest that pistachios be selected from mechanically open pistachios with a moderate brain percentage.

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