Pistachio nuts suppliers in iran

Pistachio nuts suppliers in iran

Pistachio nuts suppliers in iran are the source of pistachios for many countries in the world. Among the most important pistachio importers in Iran, we can mention Hong Kong, Vietnam, UAE, Germany and others. A brief summary of the yearly export of pistachios from Iran to Hong Kong is presented below. Hong Kong is one of the most important Iranian pistachio importers.

Hong Kong is one of the main pistachio importers in the world. It purchases a large volume of pistachios as well as its products from Iran each year. The statistics of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce show that in 2017, Iran exported nearly 19,000 tons of pistachios to Hong Kong. According to these statistics, annual exports of pistachios from Iran are significant.

The percentage of pistachios imported by Hong Kong from Iran is spent on domestic consumption. And a significant percentage of it as re-exports.
Among all types of Iranian pistachios, in addition to pistachios in the skin, Hong Kong is also buyer of

  • pistachio kernels
  • peeled pistachio kernels
  • And also slivered pistachios.

Of course, the highest amount of pistachios that Pistachio Nuts Suppliers in Iran have exported to Hong Kong is pistachios open shell.
As mentioned in previous papers, Iran’s pistachio has a variety of quality, and each country, according to its own consumption, is ordering the type and quality of pistachios.


Artificially open pistachios hong kong

Among the pistachios in Iran, Fandoghi pistachios are the most suitable option for Hong Kong. Hong Kong merchants are often asking for cheap pistachios. Among pistachio cultivars, pistachios have the lowest economic value.
Of the different qualities of Fandoghi Pistachio, Artificially Open Pistachios are a good option for exporting to Hong Kong. Because it has acceptable quality as well as cheap price.

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