pistachio suppliers india

pistachio suppliers india

In the “pistachio suppliers India” article, we introduce the type of pistachios of interest to Indian consumers . Finally, we will finally introduce a model of pistachio that is suitable for India according to its taste.

The main Iranian pistachio customers are India. The pistachio buy and imports have grown significantly, especially during the last decade.


Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio for sale in India

India has a special taste in choosing and buying pistachios. Pistachio consumers are paying a lot of attention to the appearance of pistachios. Having a white and beautiful appearance is a priority for purchase. In other words, Indians enjoy pistachios with white skin.
Among Iranian pistachios, Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei has a pale and white skin. That’s why the choice is Indian traders. The size of pistachios is also important for pistachio consumers in India. Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei 24-26 and 26-28 could be suitable for India.

Of course, due to the low price, pistachios of Ahmad Aghaei with a moderate quality are more suitable for India. (Of course the choice of quality is completely dependent on the order of the buyer.)


Buy pistachio kernels

Of course, India’s purchase is not limited to pistachio in shell. India is a customer of types of product’s pistachios, including pistachio kernels. The use of pistachio kernels in confectionery is common in India. Pistachios are from the seeds that are popular in India. And food industry units like confectionery try to use this product in their products.

Pistachio suppliers india, You can contact us if you intend to import pistachios and pistachio kernels from India. Establishing a reseller in India and having a Dollar account there, it facilitates our relationship with our customers in India.

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