rafsanjan pistachio producer and suppliers

rafsanjan pistachio producers and suppliers

Rafsanjan pistachio producers and suppliers, with full knowledge of Iran’s pistachio consumption markets, export different types of pistachio and pistachio kernels to the target market.

One of the most important issues in exporting is that the exporter knows the target market well. Knowing the target market and paying attention to the consumer’s taste will make the exporter select the appropriate product for export to the market. If we do not pay attention to the consumer’s taste in the export and supply of any food or product, especially food, the likelihood of our sales success in that market will be very low.


Iran pistachio exporters

In the field of pistachio exports, Iran is interacting with a large number of countries. Hence, it is faced with a difference in taste among its customers.
Rafsanjan pistachio producer and suppliers with much experience in exporting pistachios, know the target markets well. They are familiar with the taste of peoples of different countries and their standard in buying pistachios. Therefore, they can offer the most suitable product in their dealings and negotiations with their customers.

For example, countries like:

  • Turkey often use pistachio kernels such as wild pistachio kernels for use in confectionery.
  • Countries like Russia buy Ahmed Aghaei and Fandoghi in the raw and rough models of Iran.

Obviously, in dealing with traders of any country, we must first seek to identify and recognize his need. Knowing the their needs, we can offer the best quality from a variety of pistachio qualities to him.

You can order a variety of pistachios and pistachio kernels, or products such as pistachio slices.

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