pistachio suppliers in iran

pistachio suppliers and exporters in iran

Pistachio suppliers in iran supply a significant amount needs of the global consumer market. According to the international nut congress, Iran is the world’s first and of  largest exporter of pistachios. After Iran, America also is the second largest pistachio exporter. We also include the following chart, which shows the main countries exporting the pistachios (The statistics for the past 5 years are 2013-2017/ Source: INC).

The annual production of pistachios in Iran, according to the statistics reported by the INC, is 33%. As we can see, Iran produces 33% of the world’s pistachios. Also, the United States produces 42% of the world’s pistachios.

average pistachio production

average pistachio production


From Iran’s annual pistachio production, about 15 percent is supplied to the domestic market, with the rest being exported to different parts of the world.

We also include the following chart, which shows the main countries the pistachios (Source: INC). As presented in this chart, Iran is the largest pistachio exporter in the world.The United States also has the second-largest export position.

pistachio suppliers in iran and pistachio exporters

pistachio suppliers in iran and pistachio exporters


The most important pistachio importers in the world are the following countries.

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Emirates
  • Netherlands
  • also Italy
  • And …

Which can be found in the table below. Iran annually sends significant quantities of pistachios to these countries.

pistachio importers

pistachio importers


Cultivars of iranian pistachios

Many pistachio traders in the world know the types of pistachios in Iran. Iran’s pistachio cultivars include five digits. We introduce five Iranian pistachio cultivars below.

  • Akbari pistachio
  • Ahmad Aghaei pistachio
  • Kale ghuchi pistachio
  • Fandoghi pistachio
  • Badami pistachio also a commercial pistachio cultivar of Iran

Each of the varieties has different physical characteristics. Their taste is also slightly different. So their price levels are different. Every kind of pistachio has its own special customer on the global market.

Organic pistachio suppliers in iran

A particular type of pistachio in Iran, which is popular in the world, is organic pistachio. In organic pistachio production, pesticides are not used. The nutritional value of organic pistachios is also very high. The European Union are prominent Iranian organic pistachios. The Japan also likes organic pistachios in Iran.

Anata Nuts Company are one of the largest pistachios suppliers in Iran. The company offers high quality products and also High variety. Anata Nuts is an exporter of Pesso to Hong Kong, Vietnam, UAE, Germany, Spain, Sweden as well as Russia, Kazakhstan and … .

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