pistachio nuts best price

pistachio nuts best price

The pistachio nuts best price for a specific quality product is available if we can connect to the main supply source. Iran is the main exporter of pistachios in the world and the main source of supply of this product.

Pistachios have different qualities. This is the reason for the variety of prices. But why is the price difference for a specific quality pistachio? In the following, we will discuss two reasons for this.

The first issue can be related to the secondary service. Services provided by the supplier to the buyer to sell the product. Certainly, parameters such as packaging, delivery term, and so on, have an impact on the final price of pistachios. Because each of them generates side fees. If the fob or exw price is announced, it will certainly be lower than the cif or ddp price. Because in delivery, for example, cif shipping and shipping costs are also added to the exw pistachio price.


The largest pistachio exporter

The second is the supplier and the place of supply. If we have direct access to the supplier and the main supplier of pistachios, then we can have the best prices for pistachio nuts. This is possible with access to the main sources of supply, such as the Iranian pistachio exporters. Because Iran is one of the main pistachio producers, it is also the largest pistachio exporter in the world. In fact, Iran exports its largest output directly to various parts of the world. Some countries, of course, are also Iran pistachio dealers. We can introduce Turkey, UAE and Hong Kong among them. If the purchase is made directly from the production pole, the price will definitely be more balanced.

The above two reasons for the price difference of a specific quality of pistachio and the availability of the pistachio nuts best price.

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