pistachio price in tehran

pistachio price in tehran

Pistachio price in Tehran are different from the export price of pistachios. The reason for these two issues is to be explained in detail in the following text.

Pistachio prices in Tehran and the price of pistachio exports are different for the following reasons. The first issue is the difference in the taste of the Iranian market as well as the taste of export markets in pistachios. And the second is the difference in the cost of the pistachio from the origin of the pistachio to its transfer to the destination on the product.


The pistachio price in Tehran for types of pistachios

The taste of the Iranian market and the markets of other countries is different in buying pistachios. What kind of pistachio likes the market in Iran?

It depends entirely on the destination and the buyer’s city. This section, we explain about some cities.

  • Some cities like Tabriz like luxury pistachios, and most of the customers are Akbari and Kalleh Ghuchi pistachios.
  • While in cities like Tehran, people buy different types of pistachios.
  • Or in cities like Urumia, Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei is one of the popular cultivars.
  • etc.


The pistachio export price

Other countries who buy pistachios in Iran, what kind of Iranian pistachio do they like? Experience has shown us that different countries have different interests in buying pistachios. Such as the quality that Russia likes is different from the quality of the EU. Or the quality that India likes is different from the quality that Iraq deserves.

Therefore, in determining the difference in the price of pistachio sales in the domestic market and the export market, paying attention to the destination is very important.


Impact of Side Costs on Determining Pistachio Prices

The cost of logistics are another issue that we attention to it. In the domestic market, transportation costs are often lower. While on export sales of the product, additional costs, such as customs fees, international shipping, staffing, and THC, are added to the final price of the pistachio for delivery at destination.

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