wholesale price of pistachio in iran

wholesale price of pistachio in iran

Wholesale price of pistachio in Iran for varieties and types of pistachios may sometimes be different as high as 7$ or more. This difference in prices results from differences in the quality of different pistachio models.

The main reason for the difference in pistachio prices is the variety in the quality of this product. In this article, we will introduce the various parameters we use for pistachio grading. Also we will explain how these quantitative parameters are for each degree of quality.


Important parameters for determining the price of pistachio in Iran

The Persian pistachio cultivars

The variety as well as type of pistachio is the first issue to be considered in expressing the difference in pistachio shipments. Among the different pistachio varieties, Fandoghi and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios have lower prices. And Akbari and Kalleh ghuchi are at higher prices. The reason for this difference is their size. Fandoghi Pistachio is the smallest type between these four varieties. Also Akbari and Kalleh ghuchi are the largest.


Types of open shell pistachios

Next, we look at the type of pistachio. Any of the pistachio that we mentioned above may be a naturally opened and mechanically opened. The main difference between these two types, which causes a high price difference, is the percentage of pistachio kernels (%meat). The price of MO pistachios is much lower than the NO type.


The size of Persian pistachios

One of the most important points in buying pistachios is its size. The number of pistachio seeds in one ounce indicates the size of pistachios. Pistachio size is based on the ounce. The smaller the number means, the smaller the number of seeds per ounce, so the pistachios are bigger.


The percentage of close shell seeds in pistachio

For high quality pistachios, this percentage is often below 1%. Also, for standard pistachios, we define this defect within the range below 5%.
In fact, the percentage of each pistachio tree product is closed every year. We often separate these seeds from the cargo. How much this percentage is low, the pistachio has a better quality.


The most important issues we are considering in determining the wholesale price of pistachio in Iran, we describe in the text above.

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