Ahmad Aghaei pistachio price

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio price

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio price are more balanced than other varieties such as Akbari and Jumbo pistachio. One of the reasons for this is the average size of pistachio seeds Ahmad Aghaei. From Ahmad Aghaei pistachio customers we can mention a number of countries such as India, Turkey, UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan, and so on.

We can put pistachio Ahmad Aghaei in the list of the most important pistachio varieties in Iran. There are countless fans in the global market as well. And even has a thriving sell in Iran’s domestic market. Because it has a good quality and a more balanced price. The specifications of this pistachio are fully presented in the following text.


Ahmad Aghaei pistachio price for sale

The Iranian pistachio has three types of appearance. Long pistachios, round pineapple and jumbo pistachios. Pistachio Ahmad Ahaghi, from which category?

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei is a long pistachio group. And the long brand is also famous in the international market. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio has moderate size seeds. In fact, this pistachio is smaller than Akbari and Kalleh Ghuchi cultivars. (Akbari and Kalleh Ghuchi cultivars are the coarse common type of pistachio in Iran). And of course it’s bigger than Fandoghi pistachio. Fandoghi pistachio is the finest Iranian pistachio. The size of pistachio Ahmad Aghaei is in the range of 24 to 32 ounces. The Ahmad Aghaei pistachio price is due to its moderate amount.

The reason for being popular among consumers is its beautiful appearance. It has a white skin, and the flower color of the brain is pink.
Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei, like other varieties, has different qualities. Different countries also buy different qualities. For example, India takes the naturally opened type. Russia kind of smiley mechanics.

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