pistachio export price

pistachio export price

What affects the pistachio export price? Is there a difference between Iran and US pistachios export price? Iran’s pistachio export price increased or decreased this year?

The export price of pistachios determine the two main source of pistachio production and exports, namely Iran and as well as the United States. Experts in determining the price of pistachio, consider things like:

  • Volume of product produced each year
  • Also quality of pistachios
  • And …

Iranian & American pistachio export price

The following chart shows the price difference Iranian pistachios export and America over the last 20 years show. There was a slight difference between the price of Iranian and American pistachio. But since 2008, as you can see, Iran’s pistachios have been sold at a higher price than US pistachios. Of course, the price of pistachios in both countries has been rising over the past twenty years.

Iranian & American pistachio export price

Iranian & American pistachio export price (source)

iran pistachio export price per ton in 2017-2018

The most important competitive advantage of Iran’s pistachios is its excellent taste. The same competitive advantage, Iranian pistachios to be of interest to many consumers in the world. The most important importing countries of Iran pistachio as follows:

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Emirates
  • Vietnam
  • EU too, such as Germany
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • also India
  • Iraq
  • And etc.

Iran’s pistachios price increased in 2017-2018. The main reasons are the following three issues:

  • Increasing demand for purchases from global markets. That is, exports have increased.
  • Improved management on product supply.
  • As well as increasing dollar rates

The effect of these three cases on the rise in Iranian pistachio prices in 2017-2018 is reported in the iran pistachio price per ton in 2017-2018 news.

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