pistachio kernels 1kg

pistachio kernels 1kg

If we check the price of pistachio kernels 1kg, it will vary from $ 6 to $ 26.5. What is the reason for this difference and the high price range for pistachio cereals?

The high variety of pistachio kernels is the main reason for the high price range for pistachio kernels.

In shell pistachios that we use for the processing of pistachio kernels is very diverse. The lightweight and tiny pistachios in the skin, also use closed pistachios with a different brain percentage, unripe pistachios, semi-open pistachios as well as sometimes open shell pistachios for processing the pistachio kernels. Therefore, the quality of the pistachios from these pistachios is very different. One of the reasons for the high price difference between the different qualities of pistachio kernels is the same.


Price of pistachio kernels 1kg

There are other reasons. To produce some types of pistachios, special processing is required. For example, for the production of green peeled pistachio kernels, it is necessary to separate the skin of the pistachio brain. This process takes place at a special stage by the manufacturer. The same processing stage is the cost that directly affects the final pistachios price.

We list the price range of pistachio kernels above. The meat kernels (Mushu pistachio kernels), which is made from lightweight and tiny pistachios, is the cheapest kind of pistachio kernels. And green peeled pistachio kernels are the most expensive type of pistachio. There is a price difference of about $ 20 between them.

Of course, the type of consumption of each of the pistachio kernels is different. So the buyer can buy the type and quality of the pistachio according to his needs.

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