bulk pistachio kernels price

bulk pistachio kernels price

Maybe it’s interesting for you to know what issues and things are considered in determining pistachio kernels price. One of the most important determinants of pistachio kernels price is the type of pistachio used to process pistachio kernels.

In pistachio kernels, we may use different pistachios. Unripe pistachios, ripe pistachios, open shell pistachios, closed pistachios, defective pistachios and ….

It is clear that the pistachio kernels from each pistachio will have a different quality. For example, the pistachio kernels that is naturally open pistachios is quite coarse and healthy. While the brains of pistachios that come from faulty pistachios are tiny and dyed. Or the pistachio kernels that we process from unripe pistachios, although smaller than the ripe pistachios, but have a darker green color.

So you can see that the pistachio type parameter plays a key role in the processing of pistachio kernels. This parameter is the most important parameter in determining the type of pistachio kernels and determining the price of pistachio kernels.


Is pistachio kernels price different for different grades?

The pistachios we use to make pistachio kernels, there are a lot of differences in quality and price differences. So the pistachio kernels price will also be very different.

This difference in pistachio kernels price is very significant due to their great difference in quality. Sometimes the difference is more than $ 20. Definitely, if you read the above description carefully and are familiar with a variety of pistachios, this pistachio kernels price difference will be understandable to you.

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