Iranian pistachio price in europe

Iranian pistachio price in europe

What is the Iranian pistachio price in europe? What should we consider to estimate the price of Iranian pistachio in Europe? Does Iranian pistachio prices in Europe differ from that in other parts of the world?

We can introduce countries of the European Union from Iranian pistachio customers who directly and also through Iran’s pistachio intermediary. Countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain and ….


EU Standards for Pistachio Aflatoxin

To estimate Iran’s pistachio prices in Europe, we need to consider several issues.

First, we will raise a problem. This concerns the health and standards of pistachios. EU countries have specific rules for pistachio merchants. These rules are related to the limit of aflatoxin in pistachios. According to the standard definition of this union, the limit for aflatoxin b1 is 8 pp and for the total aflatoxin is 10 pp. That is, the amount of aflatoxin in pistachios should not exceed those values, in which case the customs of the country will return the destination.

This is done on the basis of experiments that must be carried out both at the origin and destination. The consignment of pistachios to the EU, in addition to the customs documents and bill of lading, must contain an analysis sheet that confirms the low level of aflatoxin.


Iranian pistachio price in Europe due to analyzes needed for pistachio cargo

According to the above, it is evident that in addition to below terms, the exporter should also consider the costs of analyzing and checking pistachios.

  • The transportation costs
  • The customs clearance fees
  • The loading and unloading costs
  • and etc.

In addition, the type of packaging chosen for pistachios should also be appropriate. Because, pistachios are sensitive to environmental conditions and there is a possibility of increasing the amount of aflatoxin in unsuitable conditions. This is another parameter that a pistachio exporter must pay attention to in Europe and take into account the costs involved.

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