pistachios for sale online

pistachios for sale online

Determine the quality of pistachios for sale online on bases the parameters. Pistachio merchants are aware of these parameters. Defining the value for each parameter will clearly determine the quality of that pistachio cargo.

We consider the following items and parameters in determining the characteristics of pistachios and their quality. We will announce the range of each parameter for several pistachio quality.


Iranian pistachio grades

We determine the characteristics of pistachios on the basis of the following:

  • Pistachio cultivar
  • Pistachio type
  • Also size of pistachio

Often, the buyer indicates these in the first step in ordering his order. But what distinguishes two consignments of pistachios that have the same variety, type and size are the following parameters. Specifying these parameters completely determines the quality of pistachios. In pistachios for sale online, the agreement on these parameters accurately specifies the quality of the transaction.

  • The percentage of closed pistachios : This parameter is very important. For different pistachios, this parameter is in range of below 1% to 7% respectively, for super quality up to standard quality.
  • Pistachio kernels percentage (%meat): This parameter is for artificially opened pistachios as well as closed pistachios. In the range of 42 to 50 (42% means getting 42 grams of brain per 100 grams). Of course, in the few cases of pistachios with a brain percentage of 52%. Of course, if the buyer wants %meat about naturally opened pistachios, we announce it’s about 54 to 59 percent for pistachios in Iran.
  • Also percentage of foreign matter: the meaning of foreign matter of pistachio skin and the like. This value should be low for most qualities. Often below 1% and for super pistachios it is zero.
  • Pistachio Aflatoxin Level: In the article “Aflatoxins Level in Persian Pistachios” this is fully explained. Due to the different standards of different countries, this parameter is very important.

By identifying the above, the quality of the pistachios is fully characterized. So according to these agreements, purchase and sale of pistachios can easily be done online.

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