pistachios for sale uk

pistachios for sale uk

Pistachios for sale UK require special quality according to the country’s specific standards. In order to choose the quality of pistachios for export to the UK, we need to be careful about these standards.

Different countries have set different standards for food trade. With regard to pistachio trade, these standards also vary from country to country. In the pistachio business in most countries follow the Codex standard. But some countries also have their own standards. For example, countries like Britain, Singapore, the European Union and so on have stricter standards.

Obviously, if the consignment of pistachios is not in accordance with the country’s standard, then the country will not allow the clearance and entry of the goods from the customs and will return the load. So both the seller and the buyer should pay attention to these rules and prepare pistachio cargo in accordance with the standards of the destination country.


Aflatoxins in pistachios for sale uk

The standard that countries have defined for pistachios is more about pistachio aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a toxic substance that produces Aspergillus fungus. The presence of excess aflatoxin in pistachios can be harmful to humans. The excessive entry of this toxin into the human body will cause cancer. The EU has defined aflatoxin levels for aflatoxin b1 and total, 8 and 10 ppb, respectively. The UK has stricter rules than the EU. And levels of aflatoxin are lower in the UK standard.

Of course, models of pistachios that have this standard level are diverse. Therefore, the choice of pistachios for sale in the United Kingdom requires the identification of pistachio model and qualities.


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