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Is the raw pistachios sale in the world market less or high than the sales of roast type? In this article, we examine this issue.

Pistachio is part of the seeds of nuts. Consumption of it as nuts is common in most countries. And there are countless fans. Of course, the statistics show that the number of fans of this product is added day by day.

Pistachios are used in both types of raw and roasted. Its raw kind has health and high quality. And also due to the taste of pistachios, it is a favorite of many consumers. The statistics also show that the raw pistachios for sale in the export sector are more voluminous.

One of the main reasons for the boom in raw pistachios sale is the lack of salt in them. Many countries see excessive consumption of salt as harmful to health. Therefore, using nuts also recommend that people use raw and salt free.

Raw pistachios have higher demand for export sales than roasted pistachios. But some countries also buy roasted pistachio nuts.

Are only raw pistachios for sale on the world market available?

Raw pistachios have higher demand for export sales than roasted pistachios. But the roasted pistachio type also has its own fans. And some countries also buy roasted pistachio nuts.

Especially flavored roasted pistachios. Maintaining the nutritional value of pistachios during processing and avoiding excessive addition of flavors, such as salt, will help maintain the nutritional value of pistachios. In addition to supplying raw pistachios for sale, the sale of flavored pistachios  is also booming. For a variety of flavored pistachios, please read the following article.

The article: “iranian flavored pistachios for sale

Therefore, in order to prepare pistachios, we have to be careful in the choice of the seller to produce a healthy product.


Anata Nuts Company is a supplier and exporter of pistachios in Iran. Which pistachios are offered on a customer’s order in raw or processed types.

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