Persian pistachios for sale bulk

Persian pistachios for sale bulk

Persian pistachios for sale bulk are varied in variety, type and quality. Paying attention to any of these is important in pistachio exports. Selection of pistachio cargo should be done according to destination.

Persian pistachios for sale are generally classified in several categories. In terms of cultivars, we have five main pistachio cultivars including Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Kalleh qhuchi, Fandoghi and Badami. Typically, we categorize each pistachio variety into two groups of naturally open pistachios and mechanically opened pistachios. Each digit and type are also in several sizes and qualities. For example, akbari naturally open pistachios have 4 different sizes and each size has 5 categories of quality. Or pistachio mechanically open pistachios akbari has several sizes and each size has 3 categories of quality.

Therefore, as we can see from the above, Persian pistachios for sale bulk have a high quality variation. This is a very positive issue. Because there is a difference of taste between pistachio customers. Diversification in quality has made Iranian pistachios suitable for sale in the markets of different countries.


Buy pistachio kernels

This variety is also found in pistachio products. For example, Iran’s pistachio kernels has more than 12 types. Each one can be suitable for certain uses. Buyers choose to use pistachio kernels.

We introduce the quality of pistachios in a catalog in the form of a table. By reviewing this catalog you can know the quality of pistachios. If you need to receive information to make a decision about your purchase, our advisers are ready to respond to you.

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