buy pistachios in bulk with big packing

buy pistachios in bulk with big packing

In the buy pistachios in bulk, pistachio packing weights are often over 10 kilos. For pistachio kernels , types 10 and 12.5 kg cartons are packed and 50 kg bags for shelled pistachios.

Packaging of buy pistachios in bulk As mentioned above, bags and high-density cartons. Of course, the choice of packaging depends on many things. One of these is the standards of the destination country as well as the geographic location of the destination country.

In long and distant directions, it is best to choose a package that can preserve the pistachios by environmental factors such as moisture and heat. Because humidity and heat are two parameters that directly affect the quality of the product. And may cause a loss in product quality. Especially in high temperatures and humidity, the likelihood of the growth and proliferation of Aspergillus fungus, the source of aflatoxin, is high.

Also, countries that have defined certain standards for aflatoxin, it is better to send packets to these countries in the form of vacuum packaging.
The vacuum of pistachios and pistachio kernels can save it completely from the loss of quality due to moisture and heat. The vacuum used for pistachios and pistachio kernels are often 10 kilos. The pistachio kernels is transferred to the carton after it has been vacuumed.


Packing of slivered pistachio

Other pistachios such as pistachio slices also have special packaging. We pack pistachio slices in smaller weight cartons. Because it is more sensitive to impact and fracture. Package carton for pistachio slices is 5.5 kg. Of course, eventually we will transfer 4 cartons of 5.5kg into a 22kg mother carton.
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