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Buy bulk shelled pistachios are often aimed at supplying it as nuts. Of course, some importing companies also buy bulk shelled pistachios to produce pistachio kernels or mechanically opened pistachios.

Pistachios in shell are of two types. Open pistachio shells and closed shell pistachio. Do you know how open pistachio shells as well as closed shell pistachio are used?

There are two types of Open pistachio shells. Naturally opened pistachios and artificially opened pistachios. Both types are often used as nuts.
But, what’s the use of closed shell pistachio?

Closed shell pistachio

The best option for pistachio kernels processing is closed shell pistachio. The closed shell of Fandoghi as well as Kalleh ghuchi pistachios, we mainly use for the production of pistachio kernels.
Of course, a percentage of closed shell pistachio are also suitable to produce artificially opened pistachios. These closed shell pistachio often have a good appearance.
We examine the quality of packet pistachios on two bases. Based on the percentage of pistachio brains as well as based on the size of pistachios.

The closed shell pistachio often have a brain percentage ranging from 43% to 50%. If the percentage of pistachio brains is higher, it means that the product is in a higher level of quality.
The next item is the size of pistachios. This parameter, especially if used from closed shell pistachio to produce artificially opened pistachios, is important.

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