buy shelled pistachios in bulk

buy shelled pistachios in bulk

In buy shelled pistachios in bulk from the naturally open pistachio types, we need to correctly understand the varieties and sizes. This knowledge helps us choose the most appropriate type of pistachios for our market.

If you intend to buy shelled pistachios in bulk, this article, which briefly describes shelled pistachios, can be a great help in choosing the type of pistachio.
The two main groups are shelled pistachios, including naturally open pistachios mechanically opened pistachios. In the article “buy shelled pistachios bulk” we introduced some mechanically opened pistachios. In this article, we intend to consider the second type of naturally open pistachios.


Introducing naturally opened pistachios

In buy shelled pistachios in bulk, if you have chosen naturally open pistachios, you need to be careful about the following:

  • You must first select the pistachio variety. We select the five pistachio cultivars as the most important commercial cultivars. Which includes Akbari pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei pistachios, Fandoghi pistachios, as well as jumbo pistachios and Badami pistachios.
  • Then you have to choose the size of the pistachio.
  • In the next step, pistachios need to be evaluated for aflatoxin.
  • The percentage of defective seeds inside the pistachios as well as the external material should be specified.
  • It is also necessary to pay attention to the non-uniformity of the pistachios cargo. Pistachios have a lower non-uniformity in terms of size and pistachio.

With careful attention to the above, and with the attention to the items mentioned in the previous article “buy shelled pistachios bulk”, we can successfully buy shelled pistachios in bulk. Accurate negotiation can lead both to the buyer’s satisfaction and to the seller’s satisfaction.

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