buy pistachios bulk from iran

buy pistachios bulk from iran

What are the benefits of buy pistachios bulk directly from Iran? Can we solve the problem of money transfers in the deal with Iran?

In the world, the most important pistachio poles are Iran and the United States. Iran annually produces 2,300 tons of pistachios. Of this amount, pistachios also produce a significant percentage.

Obviously, buying directly from the main pistachio pistachio can have many advantages. In this article, we want to offer the advantages of direct pistachios from Iran.

Pistachio wholesale price in Iran

The wholesale price of pistachios in Iran, which is one of the main centers of pistachio production and exports, is more balanced. In fact, the most basic price for a definite quality of pistachios is available if buy pistachios bulk directly from Iran.

Access to the most suitable pistachio quality

Iran’s pistachio is in a wide range of quality. Fortunately, pistachio dealers in Iran, due to the experience they have in business, consider the tastes of different countries in buy pistachios bulk. On the other hand, they have full knowledge of their products.

So they can provide the most suitable quality pistachio according to the destination. We just highlighted two of the benefits of buy pistachios bulk directly from Iran.

But there is a problem that is the concern of most of our customers. And that is the problem of communication and financial exchanges with Iranian banks.

How to cooperate and buy pistachios from Iran

Iranian pistachio merchants are aware of this issue. They often solved this problem by opening an account and setting up representative offices in other countries.
So you can buy pistachios bulk without any problems and with confidence. And through internationally accredited accounts, you can do business with the Iranian pistachio exporter.

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