buy shelled pistachios bulk

buy shelled pistachios bulk, mechanically opened pistachios

Buy shelled pistachios bulk from a variety of mechanically opened pistachio types, provided that the specifications of these pistachios can be considered, can give us a great deal of profit.

Some merchants know the exact details of pistachios by having plenty of experience in buying pistachios. For example, buy shelled pistachios bulk requires the identification of shelled pistachios. Of course, we need to know each pistachio types separately.


Important topics about buy shelled pistachios bulk

shelled pistachios include naturally opened pistachios and mechanically opened varieties. But each of these features and properties. In this article, we intend to introduce mechanically open pistachios.


Mechanically opened pistachios

The most important difference between the two types of pistachios inside the skin is its processing and production. The second important difference is the pistachio kernel size and the percentage of pistachio brain.

Mechanically opened pistachios are obtained from closed pistachios. In fact, we smile artificially closed pistachios. For this reason, if we can maintain the quality of pistachio during processing, they are healthier in terms of contamination with fungi and poisons. Mechanically opened pistachios, of course, are cheaper than naturally open pistachios because they have a low brain percentage. Often less than 50%. In fact, these types of pistachios are in the ranks of cheap pistachios. But they can also be a good option for exporting to countries such as China and the European Union. Because they are of high quality in terms of health.

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