bulk pistachio kernels price per ton

bulk pistachio kernels price per ton

The bulk pistachio kernels price per ton according to the parameters of the type of pistachio, its quality and, of course, the parameters of purchase, such as the volume of purchase, delivery term, etc., are announced. You can read more about this in the following text.

The pistachio kernels can be classified according to their type of production, the basic pistachio used to produce them, and so on. In the type of pistachio used to produce pistachio kernels, we classify the pistachios in the following groups.


Natural Pistachio kernels

We produce this pistachio kernels from close shell pistachios and rarely from open shell pistachios. As far as possible and according to customer’s order, I separate the broken kernels from the product.

The most important issues we consider about this type of pistachio kernels are the percentage of fracture, the size of the kernels, the pistachio variety, the color of the pistachio flower. Based on these parameters, we determine the quality and price of this type of pistachio kernels.


Unripe pistachio kernels / Green peeled pistachio kernels

If the pistachio is picked early and when it’s premature, the pistachio’s brain will be smaller and have a white to pale skin, but the brain will be very green. This type of pistachio brain has its own special fans.

One of the most important uses of this kind of pistachios is their use to produce green peeled pistachio kernels. These pistachios have a high price point because of their special processing technique and specific characteristics. But they also have special fans and consumers.


Meat kernels pistachio

There are small pistachios that are separated from the pistachio at the pistachio processing stage. The brains of these pistachios are fairly small and they often have a dark color.
These pistachios are called meat kernels and have the lowest price. The pistachio kernels price of this type is low. In fact, the cheapest type of pistachio kernels is this type. In Iran, we call this pussy Mushu and Gandomi.

We introduced a group of pistachio cereals in a brief outline. You can contact us for more information and ordering pistachios.

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