pistachio price in europe

pistachio price in europe

In order to inquire about pistachio price in Europe, we need to provide information about the quality you need. Therefore, we will give you the appropriate price based on that quality and, of course, the service that we are looking for.

Countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and … are from European countries who buy pistachios from Iran. Europe was acquainted with this product by a group of Iranian businessmen who were trying to boost Iran’s pistachio exports over the years. These well-known businessmen presented pistachio as a gift to the authorities of these countries, and thus the pistachio market in Europe was booming and Europe became one of the most important pistachio users.

However, by expressing the presence of aflatoxin in pistachios, unfortunately, during the period of several years, exports of pistachios from Iran to Europe were difficult. But the studies, experiments and analyzes identified that Iran pistachios have acceptable quality and health, So the EU re-start began importing pistachios from Iran.


Price of pistachio in Europe

The EU now has standards for pistachios. According to these standards, the AFL level for AFB1 is below 8ppi and for total aflatoxin below 10pp.

Iran export the pistachios with this level of health to Europe. And they are being discharged without any problems from the customs of these countries and entering the EU consumption market.

Varieties of pistachios of which the European Union is applying are varied and include varieties:

  • Fandoghi
  • Ahmad Aghaei
  • Kaleh ghuchi
  • Also Akbari

The price of Iranian pistachio in Europe is based on the quality of the buyer’s request.

You can contact us through the following links to inquire about inventory and price. Our product catalog is partly about the types of pistachios we offer.

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