wholesale price of pistachio

wholesale price of pistachio

Determine the wholesale price of pistachio according to the type and variety of pistachios, their size and quality, the tonnage of the pistachio, the type of packaging, the type of processing, the destination, and the place of delivery.

Pistachios from agricultural products with a thriving world trade are due to the high demand for it. This product is used in many countries as a valuable food. Its use has spread not only as nuts but also as an essential ingredient in the preparation of many industrial food products.

In buying and trading food, the first thing that matters is product quality. Which itself depends on many parameters. The same thing in terms of quality and diversity make it the second most important parameter of business, that’s mean, price. Of course, quality is one of the factors affecting the price. There are also other issues affecting the ultimate price of pistachios.

We want to introduce the important parameters that we pay attention to in determining the price.


Pistachio wholesale price

The first and most important point is the type, variety and quality of pistachios. This is the most important issue. Differences in the quality of two cargoes sometimes cause a difference in the price of two cargoes to more than $ 6.
The next item that we mentioned at the beginning of the article is the type of packaging. We often choose the type of packaging according to the standards of the country of destination. And on that basis, we will announce the price of the packed product.
Secondary processing in the preparation of pistachio cargo sometimes has additional costs. Secondary processing could include a further separation step for increasing the quality of pistachio cargo. Or include pistachio roasting and flavoring.

We consider the delivery location and delivery term in the final price offer. Because they generate additional costs. Side fees that include loading and shipping.

Based on the above, we will announce the wholesale price of pistachio. So please inquire for price and inventory, tell us the items to make accurate estimates of prices.

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