pistachio price in Tehran city

pistachio price in Tehran city

The pistachio price in Tehran city is fluctuating under the influence of market conditions, at different times throughout each year.

The most important reasons for the pistachio price fluctuation in Tehran based on the rial rate are the fluctuation of the dollar exchange rate, as well as changes in supply and demand in the market. We will give a brief explanation of these three parameters and how they affect pistachio prices.


Impact of supply and demand on pistachio price in Tehran

If the product is low or the supply is reduced for any reason, and if the demand for it is still high, then the pistachio price will increase. The lack of balance between supply and demand and the low supply volumes relative to the volume of demand will increase the price of pistachios.

This factor dominates other parameters in terms of production and product deficits in the market. Otherwise, the pistachio price for the dollar will often be clear, and the only reason for fluctuating pistachios in Tehran based on the rial rate is the fluctuation of the dollar rate in Iran.


Impact of dollar exchange rate on pistachio price in Tehran

The highest pistachio sales are based on dollar rates. Therefore, under normal and usual conditions, the price of pistachios is determined on the basis of the dollar. The pistachio price fluctuation based on the dollar is often low if there is no supply problem. But due to the fluctuation of the dollar price in Iran, the price of pistachios change based on the rial. (Of course, recently (April 2018), the dollar rate has been unified by the Iranian government and this will eliminate the price fluctuation of the pistachios under the influence of the dollar rate.

Therefore, under these conditions, only two factors of supply and demand will affect the price of pistachios in Tehran. Recently (May 2018) we saw rising prices for pistachios. The reason for this will be announced in future articles.

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