price of pistachio in turkey country

The price of pistachio in Turkey for the types of pistachio kernels used for confectionery and other pistachios in shell that are re-exported through this country are dependent on purchasing parameters according to the buyer and seller agreement.

Turkey is the consumer of this product for a variety of pistachios and products such as pistachio powder in Iran. While for many different types of pistachios, it is an intermediary in selling and re-exporting it.


Pistachios prices for sale in Turkey

The green pistachio kernels, especially the kind of wild pistachio kernels, have a good and high sales in Turkey. Turkey has a good boom in the confectionery industry. The production and consumption of some cookies, including Baklava, is high in Turkey. One of the most important raw materials used to make Baklava is pistachio kernels or pistachio powder.

The Iran green pistachio kernels of have a lot of fans from Turkey’s Puffin Cookies. Because they are both very green and very superb.

Turkey also buy the open shell pistachios from Iran. They often purchase them from Iran for re-export to the countries of the European Union.

Often because of the ban on Iranian pistachios entering to Turkey, merchants keep this cargo in free trade zones. Until ther re-sell its to other countries.


Buy Iranian pistachio grades

Different countries of the world buy the various types of Iranian pistachios. These products, which have different qualities compared to each other, will have different prices.

In addition to the differences in quality, other purchasing parameters also affect the final price of pistachios. Purchase volume is one of these parameters. And, of course, the terms of delivery agreed between the various Incoterms are also the purchase parameters that affect the final price of pistachio due to the cost side.


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