pistachio rate in iran for different types

pistachio rate in iran for different types

The pistachio rate in Iran, due to changing market conditions, may fluctuate several times over a year. We briefly mention in the following text the main reasons for these changes and fluctuations.

Of course, in the trade of any product, including pistachios, the price is one of the important parameters. The buyer and seller negotiate this issue. The point is that the price of pistachios is fluctuating. Of course, the changing market conditions that directly affect the supply and demand are due to market fluctuations. Of course, fluctuations with the correct management of supply by suppliers and maintaining market equilibrium by reducing or increasing demand can greatly control the changes. Fortunately, we are seeing this year. However, experts and officials still need to work on this issue.

Regarding this issue and the fact that most suppliers and exporters of pistachios are frequently faced with evacuation and recharging of warehouses during the year, it is necessary to declare the price and inventory validity of the response of each inquiry by the customers.


The reasons for the frequently of pistachio rate in iran

One of the main reasons for fluctuating pistachio prices in Iran is the dollar fluctuation. This is the most important reason for fluctuations in pistachio prices to the rial. An exchange transaction in international transactions is often in euros or dollars. While the exchange currency in Iran’s domestic trading is Rial. Unfortunately, the constant fluctuation of the dollar exchange rate causes the pistachio price to fluctuate to the rial.

In the text above, we briefly discuss the reasons for the pistachio price fluctuation. These show that at any pistachio purchase time, you need to ask for a update price and inventory from the supplier. In order to inquire about the product you are interested in, you can fill in the price inquiry form – LOI for pistachios and send us the following communication form.


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